Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Chynna Dickus

It's been only two years now
That you were taken away from me,
My one and only precious daughter
Murdered by some cruel soul now free.
Being brutally stabbed to death
On that dreadful July day,
It breaks my heart more than anyone could know
My precious Chynna was taken away.
Time will never heal the pain I feel
Every moment my heart still aches,
I think about you with every moment
And with each breath I take.
I am so sorry this had to happen
This was a senseless and brutal attack,
How I wish I could go back in time
And bring my precious daughter back.
I want you to know Chynna
How much I've always loved you,
And you'll live on in my heart forever
This my precious child is true!
I love you and miss you!

Love, Mom

In loving memory of my precious daughter
Chynna L Dickus
Who was born January 22, 1980
And received her angel wings
July 24, 2006

Written by Melinda Tanner
© Melinda's Personalized Poetry

Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Original custom poem written 01/09/07

Krysta & Dave
This rocking chair I give to you
Is not your average chair,
Mom used it to rock her little ones
While giving us tender loving care.
This chair is very special
And unique in it's own way,
That's why I wanted you to have it
So in the family it will stay.
This chair holds precious memories
It rocked my Caitlyn and Austin too,
So the time has come to pass it along
To rock your precious Gavin too!
As you rock your precious baby
And sing him lullabys,
Remember Mom used this rocking chair
Right up till the time she died.
You now can rock your little one
Just like she used to do,
This chair will be cherished forever
As I now pass it on to you.
Every time you sit and rock
In this special rocking chair,
Use it and feel her presence
Mom's memory will always be there.
Love, Cristina

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fishing Holes In Heaven

Fishing Holes In Heaven
When I Got To Heaven
I Wanted You To Know
I Found A Fishing Hole My First Day Here
And It Has Set Me All Aglow
All The Things I Had On Earth
I Have Here In Heaven Too
Even That Worn Out Body I Had
I Now Have One Brand New
I Can't Help Myself But To Think Of You
Wishing You Were Here
But Please Don't Worry About Me
I Don't Want You To Shed A Tear
When The Time Comes That You Join
Me This Day I Do Await
I'll Have My Fishing Pole In Hand
And Be Waiting By Heavens Gates

Friday, August 04, 2006

In Loving Memory Of Ahsley Dawn Nelson

When we see a butterfly
We know that it is you,
Just stopping by to say "Hello""
And helping us to get through.
How you say, can we be sure
That it is you, our precious one?
What will happen in wintertime
When the butterflies no longer come?
It was then, you left your charm bracelet
But only parts had been left intact,
The butterfly, and two hearts
"I'm still here, Daddy, that's a fact!"
Just stopping by to say "Hello"
Always here to help us through,
Never forget what you mean to us
And how much, "We Love You!"

In Loving Memory Of
Ashley Dawn Nelson
Who was born January 20, 1985
And received her angel wings
July 20, 2004

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Encouragement Poetry

You Are Such A Wonderful Person,
Sent As An Angel From The Heavens Above,
So Kind Sweet And Caring,
With A Heart So Filled With Love.
You've Now Spread Your Wings And Taken Flight,
For This You Are Truly Blessed,
You Never Let Anything Stand In Your Way,
And In Everything You Do Your Best.
We Want You To Know We're Proud Of You,
As Obstacles May Come Your Way,
No Mountain Will Be Too High,
So Just Take Things Day By Day.
We Know God Will Give You Courage,
And Strength When You Have None,
He Will Give You The Ability To Carry On,
And Not One Thing Will Be Left Undone.
We Want You To Know You're Wanted And Needed,
More Than You'll Ever Know,
For This Reason, We Wanted You To Know,
How Much We Love You So!

We Are Proud Of You NAME!


©Melinda Tanner

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Message In A Bottle

Our Friendship Song
There Is A Song Of Friendship
That Dwells Deep Within My Heart
I Know God Had His Hand On Us
As He Planned This From The Start
You've No Idea What You Mean To Me
You're My One And Only True Friend
You Understand My Ups And Downs
And Have Helped My Heart To Mend
You're The Only Friend I Have
With Who I Can Share My Hurts And Pains
I Hope You Know If You Ever Need Me
That I Will Listen Just The Same
God Knew Just What I Needed
To Brighten Up My Days
Our Hearts Now Bound Together
Through Serious Work Or When At Play
God Put Us Together To Become True Friends
And Sisters From The Heart
He Heard My Plea As I Was Needing You
For This Reason We'll Never Part
I Want You To Look Inside Your Heart
And Understand You're Never Alone
I'm So Thankful Now That I Found You
As We Now Have Our Friendship Song

Thanks For Your Friendship,

© Melinda Tanner

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Happy Anniversary Mary & Benjy

A Forever Love
A forever love is being with someone you cherish
And sharing your joys each day,
Your love growing stronger with each passing minute
While going along your way.

You've made precious memories throughout the years
On each other you could always depend,
Always remember you have one another
Anytime you're needing a friend.

You raised two fine and precious boys
For this you have made God proud,
God knew from the beginning the life you would live,
From the moment you said your vows.

You can share your heartaches and also your dreams
And maybe a few tears too,
Just remember those few simple words
At the time when you said " I do."

Happy Anniversary
Mary & Benjy Varnell
June 21

Love bears all things, believes all things,
hopes all things, endures all things.
I Corinthians 13:7