Tuesday, January 09, 2007

Original custom poem written 01/09/07

Krysta & Dave
This rocking chair I give to you
Is not your average chair,
Mom used it to rock her little ones
While giving us tender loving care.
This chair is very special
And unique in it's own way,
That's why I wanted you to have it
So in the family it will stay.
This chair holds precious memories
It rocked my Caitlyn and Austin too,
So the time has come to pass it along
To rock your precious Gavin too!
As you rock your precious baby
And sing him lullabys,
Remember Mom used this rocking chair
Right up till the time she died.
You now can rock your little one
Just like she used to do,
This chair will be cherished forever
As I now pass it on to you.
Every time you sit and rock
In this special rocking chair,
Use it and feel her presence
Mom's memory will always be there.
Love, Cristina


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