Friday, April 28, 2006

A Baby Is A Precious Gift
This We Know Is True
There Couldn't Have Been
Any Better Parents
Than The Ones Found In You!

Name of Baby
DATE of Birth

Train up a child in the wayhe should go;
And when he is old , he will not depart from it.
Proverbs 22:6


Written By Melinda Tanner


Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Your First Mother's Day
This Is Your First Mothers Day
And I Wanted You To Know
That I Am Very Proud Of You
And How Much Your Love Does Show
There Is No Love Quite Like A Mother's
It's The Strongest Bond We'll Find
A Mother's Love is Everlasting
And Forever It Will Shine
For All The Tears And Heartaches
And The Special Things You Do
There Will Never Be Another Mother
That Will Be As Special As You

© Melinda Tanner


Thursday, April 20, 2006

Do You Believe In Angels
I Know I Surely Do
The Day I Got My Angel
Is The Day God Sent Me You
You Have Been My Inspiration
And Always There For Me
You've Helped To Be My Eyes
With All The Things I Couldn't See
I Appreciate You Always Being There
When The Rest Of The World Walked Out
I Know That You Believe In Me
Without Hesitation Or With Doubt
You're The Most Wonderful Grandmother
Who Loves With All Your Heart
And Surrounded By A World Of Friends
Both Near And Miles Apart
I Thank You My Angel For Being Here
You're My Mama And Best Friend Too
I Want You To Know I Love You
And Thanks For All The Things You Do

I Love You With All My Heart
Always And Forever,

©Melinda Tanner

Monday, April 17, 2006

Through All The Years You've Been Here For Me
During All My Ups And Downs
You've Made My Childhood Memories Precious
And Helped Me To Smile Instead Of Frown
I Thank You So Much For All You've Done
And For What You've Given Me
For Your Love, Wisdom And Caring Words
And Creating For Us Many Memories
If God Had Let Me Choose My Mother
I'd Not Have Found Anyone So True
Thank You For Being So Wonderful
I Was Given A Wonderful Mother
When God Gave Me You

With Much Love,

© Melinda Tanner


Saturday, April 08, 2006

Kids Easter Poem

Kids Easter Poem

Easter Is Now Upon Us
As Cheer And Laughter Fill The Air
The Boys And Girls Are Getting Ready
Because The Easter Bunny Will Soon Be Here
Getting Candy And Easter Baskets
Wrapped In Ribbons & Pretty Bows
Just What Time Will The Easter Bunny Come?
For Heaven Sakes No One Knows!
With Children Snuggled In Their Beds
The Easter Bunny Will Quietly Tiptoe In
He Leaves The Baskets In A Secret Place
Then Quickly He’s Off Again
He Leaves Them With Precious Memories
They Will Cherish Their Whole Life Through
Wishing Everyone A Happy Easter
And Happiness The Whole Year Through!

© Melinda Tanner

Monday, April 03, 2006

An Easter Poem

We need to stop and think about the
reason we celebrate Easter!
Tears Shed At Calvary
Many Tears Were Shed At Calvary
There Where Jesus Died
He Was Nailed To The Cross
And His Hands And Feet Were Tied
He Was Mocked And Jeered At
The Enemy Spat Upon His Face
It Was There Where We Were Saved
By His Wondrous Grace
We Can't Imagine The Pain He Felt
As He Was Crucified
His Friends And Family Watched
As He Hung His Head And Died
At The Moment Of His Death
There Was Thunder And The Earth Shook
The Ones Who Were There Turned Up
To Jesus They Did Look
Noon Became Dark And Everyone Starred
At The Cross On The Hill
For Jesus Our Savior
No More Pain Would He Ever Feel
He Was Placed In A Toomb
And There His Body Laid
All The Ones Close To Him
Stood Outside And Prayed
On The Third Day
He Rose From The Dead
And To The Heavens He Did Ascend
For Jesus He Was Dead No More
For His New Life Had Just Began
Jesus Was Crucified
He Did It For You And Me
On The Cross At Calvary
Is Where Jesus Set Us Free