Saturday, July 22, 2006

Encouragement Poetry

You Are Such A Wonderful Person,
Sent As An Angel From The Heavens Above,
So Kind Sweet And Caring,
With A Heart So Filled With Love.
You've Now Spread Your Wings And Taken Flight,
For This You Are Truly Blessed,
You Never Let Anything Stand In Your Way,
And In Everything You Do Your Best.
We Want You To Know We're Proud Of You,
As Obstacles May Come Your Way,
No Mountain Will Be Too High,
So Just Take Things Day By Day.
We Know God Will Give You Courage,
And Strength When You Have None,
He Will Give You The Ability To Carry On,
And Not One Thing Will Be Left Undone.
We Want You To Know You're Wanted And Needed,
More Than You'll Ever Know,
For This Reason, We Wanted You To Know,
How Much We Love You So!

We Are Proud Of You NAME!


©Melinda Tanner

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Message In A Bottle

Our Friendship Song
There Is A Song Of Friendship
That Dwells Deep Within My Heart
I Know God Had His Hand On Us
As He Planned This From The Start
You've No Idea What You Mean To Me
You're My One And Only True Friend
You Understand My Ups And Downs
And Have Helped My Heart To Mend
You're The Only Friend I Have
With Who I Can Share My Hurts And Pains
I Hope You Know If You Ever Need Me
That I Will Listen Just The Same
God Knew Just What I Needed
To Brighten Up My Days
Our Hearts Now Bound Together
Through Serious Work Or When At Play
God Put Us Together To Become True Friends
And Sisters From The Heart
He Heard My Plea As I Was Needing You
For This Reason We'll Never Part
I Want You To Look Inside Your Heart
And Understand You're Never Alone
I'm So Thankful Now That I Found You
As We Now Have Our Friendship Song

Thanks For Your Friendship,

© Melinda Tanner