Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Fishing Holes In Heaven

Fishing Holes In Heaven
When I Got To Heaven
I Wanted You To Know
I Found A Fishing Hole My First Day Here
And It Has Set Me All Aglow
All The Things I Had On Earth
I Have Here In Heaven Too
Even That Worn Out Body I Had
I Now Have One Brand New
I Can't Help Myself But To Think Of You
Wishing You Were Here
But Please Don't Worry About Me
I Don't Want You To Shed A Tear
When The Time Comes That You Join
Me This Day I Do Await
I'll Have My Fishing Pole In Hand
And Be Waiting By Heavens Gates

Friday, August 04, 2006

In Loving Memory Of Ahsley Dawn Nelson

When we see a butterfly
We know that it is you,
Just stopping by to say "Hello""
And helping us to get through.
How you say, can we be sure
That it is you, our precious one?
What will happen in wintertime
When the butterflies no longer come?
It was then, you left your charm bracelet
But only parts had been left intact,
The butterfly, and two hearts
"I'm still here, Daddy, that's a fact!"
Just stopping by to say "Hello"
Always here to help us through,
Never forget what you mean to us
And how much, "We Love You!"

In Loving Memory Of
Ashley Dawn Nelson
Who was born January 20, 1985
And received her angel wings
July 20, 2004